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Heather - Market Harborough 

(Western Acupuncture client):

"I had developed 'tennis elbow' previously but this time seemed far worse. I was unable to carry out normal day to day tasks like lifting the kettle or bottle of milk, let alone do my usual routines at the gym. Additionally, it was incredibly painful to work at the computer at work. Ania gave me treatment with dry needles & massage, and provided me with exercises to strengthen my lower arm. The difference from just that treatment was incredible. The next day at work, as I now had very little pain, I was able to immediately identify a major factor in my condition, and have now changed to a vertical mouse for computer work. I had a second treatment, again with dry needles and massage. I followed the exercise routine that she gave me and make a far speedier recovery than my previous experience. I would most definitely recommend Ania's services, and thank her for her knowledge and professionalism."


              Julian Wade - Montserrat Football Association ex-represantive; striker at Slingerz Football Club

              'Very professional, dedicated and most of all effective. Ania was able to treat the players of the Montserrat National football                 team in a 5 day tournament effectively. She was never too tired to attend to our injuries even if it meant staying up till 1am!                  There is no doubt of her love and dedication for her work. I HIGHLY recommend! '

Gary - Market Harborough

(Sports Therapy client):

"I injured my ankle during high impact training, landed awfully and could not walk nor put any weight on it. Ania was quick to offer acute injury treatment which helped with pain and swelling of the ankle joint. She diagnosed me with a ligament damage. She gave me lots of advice of how to manage my injury as I still had to continue working as a plumber. Few days later she returned to check on me as I still had much pain while walking. She massaged my ankle and muscles of the lower leg. She said that whilst the inflammation has gone down it is crucial to work on basic strengthening and balance. She gave me strengthening non- weight bearing exercises to not let the structures of the joint get weak. Again she adviced me how to care of the injured site. I was very impressed with her care and commitment. I would probably been not able to recover as quickly as I did without her excellent help."

Jane and Adrian - Sunbury-on-Thames

(Therapeutic massage clients)

"Ania used to come and see us every week. We were receiving wonderful back massages to get us through busy work week at the offices. Either working on petite Jane or former rugby player Adrian, we found that she can apply just the right pressure. We deeply regret her moving out of the area!!"

Debbie - Market Harborough

(therapeutic massage, western acupuncture, manual therapy - cervicogenic headaches, low back problems)

"Ania is very professional and has a caring attitude. The combination of massage, acupuncture and exercise ensures a holistic approach. She is also very knowlegeable in her extent of supporting remedies which can add a further dimension."

Stephen - Market Harborough

(neck, shoulder and back muscles)

"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ania. I have suffered with back and neck muscle problems for a number of years mainly due to manual work and now office work. I have had private and NHS physiotherapy along with a private Chiropractor for a number of years but never seen any improvement of note and this has been a quick fix. After 5 sessions with Ania,  I can see some light at the end of the tunnel. My mobility in my shoulder has now come back and the pain has eased. What makes Ania's treatment different is that she listens, understood my lifestyle and found my problem painful areas. Understanding this she could advise and work on the underlying issue. She uses different techniques from acupuncture, stretching and massage and advised of corrective steps for the long term. So I am very grateful to Ania for putting me on the path to recovery and helping me understand how I can prevent these injuries in future."

Eileen - Market Harborough

(therapeutic massage, western acupuncture - neck pain)

"What a find!  A very professional and caring therapist with treatment provided in the comfort of my own home.  I now have a deeper understanding of the causes of my neck and back pain due to years of poor posture doing an office bound job.  Ania’s massage/stretching and acupuncture treatment has relieved the pain and now it’s up to me to continue with exercises that she has provided to try and reverse inappropriate muscle memory.   I feel confident with Ania’s knowledge and abilities and intend to have regular therapeutic massages with her to maintain ease of movement and enjoy my retirement."

Geoff - Market Harborough

(manual therapy, massage, western acupuncture - shoulder pain)

"I have been receiving treatment from Ania for pain in my shoulders that had resulted in poor quality sleep. Since my treatments both my shoulders and the quality of my sleep have markedly improved.

I have confidence in Ania’s knowledge & her holistic approach to the treatments provided. She is thoughtful and insightful in the treatments given , having a wide range of approaches to tailor the treatments to my needs.

To have such an excellent therapist provide these treatments in your own home is a big plus."

Rashpal - IT Personnel, Market Harborough

I contacted Ania to help me with prolonged tightness in my calf’s, from driving too much and not doing enough exercise. I was suffering from continued injuries as a result.

Not only did Ania help me with massage to remove the tightness, but she went above and beyond, Identify imbalances and weaknesses in my hamstrings, particular muscles in my calf’s and feet.

She gave me personalised exercises for strength and flexibility, helping me to improve all areas. Including some very tricky toe and foot arch exercises.

I’m now better educated and able to manage and prevent injury myself.

I can not recommend Ania enough, she has gone way above and beyond simply providing treatment to the original problem and had given me tools that will help me for the rest of my life.

Thank you so much!!!

William - Rothwell

(shoulder and neck pain)

Ania is extremely knowledgeable and has the rare gift to be able to select and apply the appropriate combinations of treatments from her broad range of techniques. Very prompt and organised, have just booked another 5 sessions.

Mark - former professional footballer; tiler 

(back and legs pain)

Very professional and a great therapist. The treatment plan she did for me made me feel hundred times better. I would recommend it to anybody. Thank you Ania.

Edo - Caldicot South Wales

neglected MCL injury

Great therapy programme. Results felt already after few days and with on-going consultations couldn't ask for more. Thank you very much!!!

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